Niche Market: Brand Your Niche Market

Driving your business solo? Get a strong grip on the wheel and hang on for the ride.

The thought may be cliché, but it’s more… As a business owner, you delve into a vast opportunity to greet the world on terms bigger than the Montana Sky, or a corner cubical in a local office shelter where you share the coffee pot. It isn’t the size of your business that will get you recognized. It is however, the size of your Brand.

When you find your niche and get specific enough about doing business to identify the people you’re doing business with, branding comes easy. The Brand you select may actually come to you by accident, or by suggestion from a client, or even… As a response to a comment on your website, that was intended purely for informational purposes. Wherever your brand comes from, once it appears, STAMP IT EVERYWHERE!

Viral marketing within your niche spreads your name, brings you instant recognition, and gets you noticed by others in your Niche. Some suggestions for Viral Marketing include:

1. Write and give away FREE reports

2. Write a Newsletter

3. Write an ebook and give it away.

4. Write an ebook with your links in it and give it away for others to add their links into.

5. Write articles that can be shared online and give them away with your link attached.

Viral Marketing Works. As a means of branding your niche, viral marketing offers the best opportunity to get your name out there, be seen, and be recognizable.

Marketing – Brand Activation Brings Your Brands to Life

When I first discovered or used brand activation as a marketing tool I was amazed at its simplicity and its ability to bring instant results. Yes, I said it, instant results. Most marketers are interested in the brand equity side of brand building because it is easy to execute and is not easily measurable in the short – term, that is, it takes a commissioned market research in order to measure attitude changes that have been brought about by the consumption of media products such as print, electronic and outdoor advertising whilst the value, that is sales volume side of the brand can be measured instantly by carrying out a volume drive which you can set specific volume targets for.

Brand activation in its simplest form is a road show where you take a brand to the people so that they can experience the brand. Your favorite band is a brand and when you attend their live show and experience their brand of music first hand, that is activation. It is known as experiential marketing and is a popular method for creating experiences with the brand for the customer or consumer. It works brilliantly for Fast Moving Consumer Goods according to my experience.

There are products which are not always on demand and sometimes there is a dip in demand. Brand activation is a tactic you can use to gain sales over a limited period of time. The objective may be to inform and to educate members of the public on the key attributes of the product and demonstrate it in use. The benefit of this is that the response is immediate as it is interactive. It can be a launch or post – launch event.

I am intrigued by the concept because a bar of soap is a bar of soap, and brands do not exist except in the minds of consumers where perception is reality. When you activate a brand be it in – home o r in store or even outdoor you are re- enforcing the attributes of the brand and etching even deeper into the psyche of the consumer as they touch feel and get to sample and use your product.

This activity doesn’t just create excitement and leaves the business wondering why so much money was invested and what the return was. Participation in the fun activities around the brand where lots of prizes may be awarded is based on actual purchase of that brand so it is easy for the sales manager to measure effectiveness through incremental sales. When you create opportunities for the brand to come to life in the relevant channels you connect well with consumers and thereby achieving awareness of the brand.

Easy Article Marketing – Brand Yourself With Articles

If you haven’t branded yourself yet, using articles is the easiest (and in my opinion, the best) way to do it. Here’s how to brand yourself with articles:

Decide your niche.

The first important step is determining your niche. Who is your perfect audience? What are their interests? What do they enjoy doing? How can you relate to them?

When you know your niche inside and out, it is easier to talk to them. This makes writing articles for them to read much easier and quicker as well.

Write often.

Once you’ve established your target market (niche), write articles as often as you can. It does absolutely no good to write a handful of articles to submit, then stop there. You have to write frequently to build up a good audience.

Speak openly about the topic(s).

One of the best ways to relate to your target customer is to speak freely and openly about the topics they are intersted in. Take a positive, but open stance, and openly discuss important issues. Remember to stay upbeat, despite the topic.

Stay on target.

Don’t hop from one subject to another. Stay focused and on target with your niche’s interests and concerns. If your target market is 50-something singles, don’t write about marriage issues or child-rearing issues. Write about things that your target market is interested in, such as dating after 50, or introducing your new love to your grown children.

By following these simple methods, you can quickly brand yourself as an author. You’ll build a following of people who enjoy reading your articles and will keep coming back for more.