Marketing Brand – Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”
Albert Einstein

How does that brand feel?

Sometimes the obvious isn’t all that matters when you brand your product. What may be visible to the commoner off the street may not be what you want to present to your customer. When this happens, close your eyes and let your heart view the product. Allow how you feel about your product to emerge and proliferate the brand that will effect marketing power.

What you love, should be shared.

When you project the emotion you feel about your product into the development and design your client understands the intrinsic value of your enthusiasm.

It’s difficult to purchase a car from a salesman who appears apathetic about his product. Put the enthusiasm you feel about your product in to your marketing efforts and allow your customers to understand why they should purchase it from you.

Package Quality; Show the value.

When a product is packaged with care, concern, and consideration for the buyer, you get their attention, before they test the product. They know you care.

A good friend who sells teacup novelties wraps each item in a soft rose print tissue paper and packages it with tender loving care. You know she cares about your enjoyment of her product because from the moment you cut the tape, each step that takes you closer to her product in increasingly enticing. From the delicate aroma of rose petals to the pretty pastel ribbons attached to delicate tags and labels, elegance and quality are her trademark; brand.

Give from your heart.

The secret of sales is understanding the gift. When you sell a product you firmly believe in, you are giving a gift of your understanding, to a person who needs what you offer. What they receive is value in place of their money.

Recognize the value of your product and know its worth.

When you perceive the actual value of your product, price it accordingly and offer valuable incentives to purchase your product, your customer feels valued. When you’re able to give the customer credible value, your product becomes worthy of their purchase. Sales is less about the product and more about the attitude with which the product is sold. Where is your value placed?

Social Media Marketing: Branding Your Company

Many small business owners struggle with retaining customers after an initial use of product or service. What these business owners don’t realize is that there is a cost free quite effective way to do this. Social Media Marketing is becoming a large part of how companies interact with its customer base and also a way in which they gain new customers.

With a Facebook page, your business is gaining visibility, which will allow you to obtain new customers. Thus, the challenge is to create a special relationship with the people who follow you. In this sense, Facebook facilitates business interaction between the company and its customers. It is an excellent opportunity to survey people who follow you, to let them express themselves, to better understand their expectations and to be better prepared to respond. Your Facebook page is the place to talk about your business, and thus inform their news. Use it to promote your offers, your products etc. Take advantage of Facebook to promote your blog posts, news about your company, the events and your partnerships. Facebook is also an opportunity to improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site. This way prospects and potential customers who are looking for information can find you more easily. All of these reasons explain the importance for a business to continue using a social network but especially to develop it in order to collect the benefits.

Professional blogs have become a strong medium of communication in the professional sphere. Here are three good reasons to create its corporate blog:

• Better SEO: The major advantage of a corporate blog is to provide a tremendous boost to your SEO. Compared to the website that can be static, the blog frequently adds new pages to create targeted content. With a business blog, prospects are much more likely to find you via the search engines, and can easily be directed to your site.

• A reassuring proximity that can influence your image: with a professional blog, you show another aspect of your company: a less formal side and more forward in the exchange with your customers. The tone is freer and less commercial than on a website. The user can react and interact with you by leaving comments. This proximity creates a reassuring image of the company but also helps to develop the relationship between the company and its clients.

• Easy editing and updating speed: It is very simple to add links, images or even videos. You are fully independent in its management

Many companies post online videos on YouTube without worrying about SEO. However, if you are a company that cares for the contribution of your YouTube videos, a good SEO strategy will help you to generate more traffic to your videos. Here are some tips that will enable you to get more traffic to your videos and ultimately bring more traffic to your site.

• Write an extended description of at least 200 words: YouTube does not (yet) have the ability to detect the subjects of a video. The more you give a long description, the more Google and YouTube will come to understand the subject of your video. YouTube uses keywords to rank you in its results so do not hesitate to use them.

• Optimize your video based on the keyword: if you properly tag your video with the good keywords, the search engine will propose them when it considers they are relevant videos.

• Share your videos on social networks: Sharing on social networks will bring in significant traffic. You can ask your friends to share the video on their different accounts. Do not hesitate to post your video on several sites.

• Subscribe and comment: ask to your followers or viewers to like, subscribe and comment on your videos. The more viewers that your videos attract, the more YouTube will give importance to your video in its ranking.

• Order your videos: From the moment you start to have a lot of videos, order them into playlists for the users and associate these to a certain topic.

Internet Marketing Branding – Learn a Simple Three Step Strategy to Instantly Enforce Your Branding

Any online business, no matter the subject, needs advertising, in order to get a public. The better the advertising campaign, the larger the public you’ll get, the more effective your marketing plan will be.

Let me tell you why and how internet marketing branding can improve the results of your campaign.

A brand allows your audience to identify you with it. They can easily recall you through it and associate to it all the positive feelings you are able to convey with your offer.
Moreover, it allows you to connect with them in the long term, converting your buyers in recurring and satisfied customers.

Here are three tips you can apply in your self branding strategy.

1) Design a logo
Design a logo a put it in the header of your website and in the signature of your emails. Your logo should convey the feelings associated with your offer through a good choice of shapes, colors, contrast and balance. The best advice I can give you, is to hire a professional graphic designer and work with him on it.

2) Create expert pages
Article directories allow you to create a profile page, where you ca insert your photograph, your credentials and a bio. Make sure to write you bio focusing on your main message. Firmly position yourself focusing on your goals, define the purpose of your business and convey it through a vision statement.

3) Publish articles
The same article directories allow you to submit your content. Identify the main problems your customers usually face and write articles about them. Make them informative, giving solid advice and submit them to these websites. Each one of them will be dedicated a web page and they will appear all together on your expert page, reinforcing your brand.

What you need to do now is start branding yourself. Follow these three steps, create your brand and track the results. If you’re not satisfied with it, tweak it and improve your name recognition and over the course of time you’ll make it stronger and stronger.

If you want to learn more about this subject, I invite you to visit Article Power, where you can find a full list of article directories you can build your expert page on.